Nurture Your Adrenals/ Thyroid & Metabolism

Cameron designed this workshop because of the amount of people he had coming to him and also what other trainers were experiencing, in regards to wanting to lose weight! To Tone up! And also the amount of people who were consistently tired!

67.4% of Australians are overweight, and 29% being obese!! Most people I come across haven't got the energy they want and are tired! Two tell tale signs that you may have an under active thyroid is that you put on weight, and you're tired!!

The more stressed someones is, and the more their lifestyle doesn't serve them, the more this has an effect on the hormonal and nervous system. If this continues lets call it burning, the more the thyroid will jump in to slow down, and in turn try to slow you down so you stop burning! most people nowadays live beyond their means, realise they're tired however still need to work long hrs to pay bills, or unhealthily live the life thats stressing them so to fulfil an unmet emotional or physical need.

So they dose up on red bull's or other stimulants to continue, putting their health and thyroid under more stress, or they come to do something about the weight they've put on or to get more energy somehow.

This workshop Cameron will go through, some anatomy and physiology of the associated organs and glands, your hormonal and nervous system, so you can truly understand how what you do affects you. you will learn how to assess your stressors, and also learn some physiological tests for thyroid function. From there Cameron will go through solutions and ways you can start healing yourself, and choices you can make to take control of your life.

Stay tuned to this site, and Cameron's calendar for the next time this workshop will be running.