Nurture Your Adrenals/Immune system

Cameron designed this workshop at the start of winter in 2012, as he saw a trend that especially through winter people were having more bouts of the cold. Also when people were getting sick, Cameron noticed people were taking longer to recover, or it would morph into some other sort of illness, or issue. 

Cameron also knew the effect of stress, the way someone lives their life, and their adrenal health has a massive play on someones immune system! If you look around at the majority of people, they are getting sicker and sicker than ever before!! However there are more Dr's and specialist than ever before!!! What are they missing? or what are people doing to themselves?? Cancer for example, in 1900 only 1 in 30 had it, compared to today the latest stats are 2 in 3 people have or will have cancer!

Most peoples Bodies are too Occupied dealing with all the stress coming in from the way they live their lives, that the immune system is actually suppressed! and as long as someone isn't listening to their body, keep living the way the do, before they know it, they may not have the immunity to save them from a deadly illness or disease...

This workshop will show you how to assess your stress and immune function. You will learn where your stress may be coming from. Also practical tool to be able to use like, nutritional suggestions, physical modifications, mental emotion strategies and techniques, and much more.

Stay tuned to this site and Cameron's calendar for the next time this workshop will run.