Nurture Your Adrenals/Digestive System

As Cameron did more courses and study over the years, and found more comprehensive ways to assess someones digestion, and also knowing someones abdominal wall function was closely tied to digestive function. He realised that 99.99% of the clients he assessed, even personal trainers! Also by some of the physical tell tale signs he saw on people exercising in the gyms or just what he saw while being out and about, that they all had digestive issues of one sort or another!

In the Chek system we are taught to first address someones digestive issue. Because someones digestive health will have an affect on pretty much every other system, organ, and gland in the body, and instead of chasing a symptom, start working on improving the digestive system, and see other symptoms slowly dissipate as digestive function got better.

Anytime people have any sort of stress (which effects them negatively) the hormonal response will down regulate digestive function, will take the blood away from the digestive organs and shunt it to the big muscles in our body, so we can either run away from the stress, or fight, which is more important at the time than digesting the food you have just eaten! Back in the day most of these stressors were acute and didn't last long, for example, on a hunt, getting away from a predator, tribal conflict. Nowadays the stress is almost there 24/7 for peoples whole life, for example, a mortgage you're struggling to pay, a job you can't stand, a relationship some feel obligated to be in, a terrible diet due to not being able to afford to eat clean, too much electro magnetic stimulation from the work you do, even dis-ease, etc etc all this stimulates peoples adrenals, and causes the down regulation of the digestive system, which in turn will shut down the abdominal wall, which can lead to back issues!

Cameron designed this workshop to give people tools to assess their stressors and digestive health, and to give them an understanding of how to take control of the choices they make every day! And in turn be empowered as they take control of their life and their vitality.

There are an array of tools from a physical level of better food choices, tip on how to improve digestion, all the way to mental emotional ways to assess and work on the themes associated with some of the digestive organs, and even on a spiritual level of finding what it is that allows spirit and energy to move through you, rather than having blockages.

Stay tuned to this site, and Cameron's Calendar for the next time this workshop will be running.