Nurture Your Adrenals

This is the first workshop of the series Cameron designed, which was back in May 2012. After doing years of courses and his own study, Cameron recognised that a lot of why people were coming to see him, when he got to the bottom of it, it was all a course of a stress or combination of stressors, which affected the hormonal system, the nervous system, and then in turn organs and glands, which would then effect the physical body in one way or another!

Stress could be said as being a lack of ease? and the more stress we experience the more dis-ease starts to turn up. Once people started to reduce the stress they were under, or change the way they perceived some of their emotional stressors, they started to get the results they wanted!

Cameron then realised with just a little of this information, people could understand how they live and the way it effects them. This would then empower them to make the choices they needed to get their health where they wanted.

This workshop will give you a great understanding of the anatomy and physiology of stress, and the organs and glands associated with it. you will also understand where stress comes from and that it's not just emotional, however from 6 different areas! you will learn how stress, or doing the right thing can effect your hormonal and nervous system. Cameron will also take you through solutions and practical tool you can easily implement into your life, show you what may need reduction, or elimination from your life, so to bring balance, health, and a chance to take control of your life. So to have you at the driving seat, rather than been in the back seat and along for the ride, as your hormonal system and organs are steering the ship, in a fight to survive.

Stay tuned to this website and Cameron's calendar for the next time this workshop will be running.